About Us

Portable XRF Services is an Australian-based company established in 2010. The company began with a mission to provide an independent voice to the ever-increasing pXRF market and has since grown substantially to become a unique service provider of both portable XRF and NIR technologies to the minerals industry.

Our service is founded on a strong commitment to research and development in order to consistently meet dynamic industry demands.  We provide a complete service, from leasing a comprehensive range of pXRF and NIR instruments to providing diverse consulting services.  As the only combined pXRF and NIR spectral interpretation facility in Western Australia, we offer a unique perspective for both geochemical and mineralogical analysis.

Portable XRF Services is committed to providing a quality service to the industry through imparting knowledge and developing innovative applications for pXRF and NIR technologies.

Our team

Christabel Brand | Managing Director

Chris has extensive experience in laboratories, analytical methods and instrumentation having worked in laboratories over the last 25 years. Chris Managed the Mint Refinery Assay laboratory in Kalgoorlie for 3 years before moving to Perth. Over the last eight years she has provided support for Geochemical Services and now having deferred her PhD has decided to branch out into the exciting and evolving area of portable XRF’s.

Chris’s academic, technical, managerial and administrative experiences combine well to provide our clients the professional service they deserve.

Nigel Brand | Consulting Geochemist

Nigel has worked as a geochemist within the mineral industry for over twenty‐four years, initially with WMC Resources (11 years), Anglo American (5 years) and more recently with Geochemical Services (8 years).

During this time Nigel has worked around the globe in diverse climatic and geological environments; from grassroots mineral exploration to geometallurgy in both ferrous and non‐ferrous commodities.

Lauren Steen | Business Manager

Lauren originates from Ireland and moved to Australia 7 years ago in pursuit of better weather so she can enjoy the outdoor activities that she loves. She brings with her a degree in commerce and a wealth of experience in radiation safety and legislation having previously worked in Radiation Health and for Radiation Professionals.

Lauren, who has been in the Mining, Oil and Gas, and Mineral Sands industry for the last five years, loves getting out and meeting people so you are sure to catch up with her soon.