Environmental Soil Monitoring

There is an ever increasing need for environmental soil analysis of sites for contamination whether it is before construction, following a spill or remediation of a site following processing such as mining. Large areas of land are involved with the taking of many soil samples for analysis which are usually analysed through a laboratory. This can be both time consuming and expensive with results often taking many weeks to come back.

There is a better way; portable XRF provides a genuinely portable analytical solution for your instant monitoring needs.

By using a portable XRF for your environmental screening you are able to obtain real time qualitative and quantitative results whilst you still have your boots on the ground. You can have the ability to determine the depth and zones of contamination patterns and realise the boundaries of sites whilst at the site. This allows informed decisions to be made onsite straight away without waiting for laboratory results to come in.

Portable XRF’s are capable of measuring elements from Mg to U in ppm levels giving you a wide range of results to work from.

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