Geochemical Soil Testing

Portable XRF analysis is an economic and efficient method for geochemical surveys used in mineral exploration.

The portable XRF analyser can be used real time in the field or more effectively in your field camp on the pre-sieved samples.

Experience has shown the best data is obtained by accurately recording the sample location and then collecting a homogenous sample that is sieved to -80 mesh or -200 µm.

These samples are then analysed in the field camp and the data is plotted.

The sample can be submitted to a lab as a QC sample as a check on the accuracy of the portable XRF or for Gold analysis.

Additionally, near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a widely used exploration tool as it provides a simple means of rapidly identifying mineral zonation and information for vectoring at the regional and deposit scale. Our TerraSpec 4 ASD is the de facto NIR spectrometer technology, featuring a user-friendly rapid system for characterising hundreds of mineralogical samples per day.

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