Terra Spec 4 Hi Res

Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a widely used exploration tool as it provides a simple means of rapidly identifying mineral zonation and information for vectoring at the regional and deposit scale.

Recognised as the de facto NIR spectrometer technology, the portable TerraSpec 4 ASD is a user-friendly and rapid system for characterising hundreds of mineralogical samples per day providing the real-time information necessary to optimise the exploration process. The system can analyse outcrops, hand specimens, diamond core, RC drill chips, and — all with little or no sample preparation.

The Al-OH absorption feature shifts to higher wavelengths towards Au mineralisation at the Tropicana gold deposit (Modified from Doyle, 2007).

The TerraSpec 4 ASD is well suited for the identification and characterisation of many mineral species including Fe-oxides, white micas, kandites, smectites, alunite, sulfates, pyrophyllite, diaspore, topaz, zunyite, carbonates, chlorite, epidote, amphiboles, biotite, and tourmaline among other minerals.

The TerraSpec 4 ASD will map and characterise alteration zones associated with many ore deposit styles (e.g., regolith, orgoenic gold, VHMS, epithermal and porphyry deposits). Since many of the minerals are stable over limited temperature and pH ranges, their distribution and variable spectral features (e.g., composition, crystallinity) allow for reconstruction of the thermal, geochemical and weathering environment which will assist in recognising and vectoring toward mineral deposits.

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