Looking for more Geochemical information?

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Are you looking to get a little more geochemical information from new or archived pulp samples?

Did you know we offer analysis at our West Perth office both pXRF and Spectral analysis, however spectral analysis is more suited to chips. In general terms for spectral analysis the reflectance response is improved on chips producing a stronger spectral response.

Although there is a reduction in spectral quality on pulp material it can still offer competent data just needs to be considered fit for purpose.

If you send samples to us for analysis our team of dedicated XRF and Spectral technicians will conduct test work providing cost-effective rapid quality data.

Perhaps you’ve thought about Co or Li potential not previously analysed, we also offer matrix matched calibration for Co and Li Index.

For a premium pXRF analysis we also have the new TRACER 5g with graphene window which under a helium atmosphere dramatically improves the transmission for light elements such as sodium (Na), magnesium (Mg), silicon (Si) and aluminium (Al).

The TRACER 5g can achieve detection limits as low as 275 ppm for Na and 100 ppm for Mg.

All analysis is performed with a controlled laboratory environment by skilled technicians to industry best practice with data reported in excel format.

If you are interested in this service, just give us a call at the office we’re happy to help.