NIR Spectral Analysis of chip tray samples

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For the month of January, we will be offering free spectral data processing with any scanning of samples, with a limit of 100 samples per client.

Normally, data processing is $3.75 per sample which provides you with up to 3 SWIR minerals and 2 VNIR mineral and related spectral parameters.

Visible Near Infrared (VNIR) and Short-wave infrared spectroscopy (SWIR) – NIR Spectral Analysis, is a useful tool for mineral identification. VNIR-SWIR spectra is a cost-effective method for determining sample mineralogy and mineral characteristics provide a more comprehensive classification of rock lithology, by identifying minerals that are visually difficult to distinguish. At times it can be visually challenging to differentiate between andesite, basalt and ultramafic as well as their altered counterparts. The ability of VNIR-SWIR to identify minerals including chlorites, amphiboles, clays and micas can enable accurate lithology identification and differentiation. VNIR-SWIR can also identify minerals that are missed during logging, e.g. in a fine-grained clay.

Very Near Inferred (VNIR) and Shortwave Inferred (SWIR) Spectrometry

Description Deliverables Sample Type Code Cost per scan
Spectral Scan using NIR/SWIR spectrometer Raw spectral files in native or ASCII formate All SWR-AN $5.15
Rapid and accurate processing of NIR/SWIR scans through spectra software Spreadsheet with up to 3 SWIR mineral and 2 VNIR minerals and related spectral parameters. Spectral file SWIR-ITP FOC