Radiation Theory & Training in the use of all Instruments (Bruker, Olympus and Niton)

This is the fundamental course for the users of handheld XRF analysers.

This is a suitable course for those wishing to obtain a user licence in WA, QLD, NSW, VIC, NT or SA.



Duration: 2 hours

Venue: Level 2, 9 Colin Street, West Perth 6005

Content of Course
Basic Theory of X-rays and pXRFs (Bruker, Olympus and Niton instruments)

  • Radiation
  • Biological Effects of X-rays and Dose Limits
  • Radiation in our lives
  • Ionising Radiation

Radiation Safety

  • Radiation Management Plan
  • Licensing

Application and Limitations of pXRF

  • Applications
  • Matrix Effects and Spectrum
  • CRMs

Using a pXRF

  • Start up Procedures and Calibration
  • Using Different Modes
  • Download Data
  • Maintenance