Soil analysis using a Handheld Bruker XRF analyser

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Soil AnalysisA key part of soil remediation and site contamination clean-up is the collection of reliable data to quickly assess the extent of site contamination. Handheld Bruker XRF instruments have become a valuable tool in the characterisation, remediation and monitoring of contaminated soil sites. The ability to rapidly (30-60 seconds per sample) and accurately analyse the soil with a non-destructive method that requires no sample preparation means that projects can meet their deadlines and do not go over budget.

Depending on the data quality objectives, different techniques can be employed to maximize efficiency while providing the accuracy and precision desired:

  • In-situ Analysis: This requires no sample preparation, with the fast, non-destructive analysis of the soil, designed to rapidly delineate contamination boundaries.
  • Indirect Analysis: Preparation is necessary to provide quality semi-quantitative results, with the material being collected and placed into Ziploc bags to create a more homogenize sample.
  • Ex-situ Analysis: Preparation involves grinding, sieving and packing of dried soil into cups to deliver high quality data, that can correlate to the lab with an r2 values of 0.98.

Bruker XRF analysers can complement or substitute a soil lab and provide several unique benefits:

  •  In-situ and real-time analysis of the soil with a complete element composition and heavy metal contamination profile.
  • The ability to analyse in-situ and onsite can eliminate or reduce the cost and turnaround time associated with sending samples to a lab, with data collection possible in hours rather than weeks.
  • Only need to send 5-10% of samples analysed with the XRF in the field to the lab for confirmation, reducing the number of samples sent to the lab.
  • Excellent calibrations and technology purpose built for in-situ soil testing.

The Bruker tools available today for soil analysis offer great flexibility, speed and accuracy, and are a crucial addition to any soil characterisation, monitoring or remediation study.

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