Portable XRF Services is one of the only organisations recognised by all state and territory regulators for the provision of Radiation safety and theory in the use of portable XRF. This course is a pre-requisite for obtaining a user license.

All our training is conducted by our in-house expert team who have previously used the various technologies extensively in different industries for a variety of purposes and commodities. The training can be delivered in a variety of means that suits your requirements whether that be on-site, in your office, or at our head office in West Perth. Training in certain circumstances can also be delivered via Skype.For those looking for something more than just the basics, our range of more advanced courses will provide you with skills that will better equip you with getting more out of your current datasets, help with setting up instrument conditions, assist you setting up SOP’s for your instruments and many other areas. Alternatively you can discuss with one of our trainers what would suit your requirements and we can tailor something to suit your needs.

  • radiation

    Radiation Theory & Training in the use of Portable XRFs

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    This is the fundamental course for the users of handheld XRF analysers.

    This is a suitable course for those wishing to or those wishing to obtain a use license in WA, QLD, NSW, VIC, NT, SA.

  • asd

    NIR Spectroscopy Using The TerraSpec ASD

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    The course will cover theory, instrument use, quality assurance and control and how the technique can be applied to exploration and mining.

    The course includes the free analysis of up to 10 samples provided by the student.

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  • refresher

    Portable XRF Refresher Course

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    This course covers choosing the calibration mode, programming the data fields, downloading the data from the unit and using CRM’s for QC.

    This would be suitable for users who already hold a radiation certificate but would like to learn or refresh how to use the Bruker, Olympus or Niton portable XRFs.

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  • Custom pXRF Course

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    This is a course tailored to understand pXRF data and how to get the maximum value from the numbers.


  • Intermediate pXRF Course

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    Topics include: instruments, modes, read times, filters, benchmarking, pXRF SOP, QC practices, batteries, data handling.

  • Advanced pXRF Course

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    This will focus on data, spectra, calibrations, instrument conditions, assist in putting meaning to numbers.